Upcoming Workshops & Events

May. 14, 2015 Camarillo, CA
SEO is a big topic. This workshop will narrow down the salient points that are important to small business and answer the following questions:
May. 16, 2015 Thousand Oaks, CA
Self-assessment of your skills, doing market research, choosing a name and an image, how much money you need and where to find it, hiring employees...
Simi Valley, CA
Ever since the credit crisis began in 2008 , small businesses have found it tough to get loans from traditional banks.
May. 28, 2015 Thousand Oaks, CA
We will conduct a presentation on professional selling techniques and examples of successful business opportunities and perform some interactive...
Jun. 2, 2015 Camarillo, CA
Understanding the Financial Aspects of Your Business:  Accounting for non-accounting people - learn the language of business. Learn how to...