Ever wonder if Americans really value local businesses?

You’ll be reassured by our latest infographic, “How Do Americans Support Small Business?”

An amazing 90 percent of Americans shop at a small business —a company with fewer than 500 employees — at least once each week. More than 40 percent of those shoppers visit small businesses at least three times per week!

Food and beverage stores are the biggest draw, attracting 75 percent of shoppers. Local eateries are another popular stop for small business supporters, and more than 30 percent of respondents in the 2016 Cox Consumer Pulse on Small Businesses survey also enjoy visiting local clothing stores.

Strong customer service is an important factor that keeps customers coming back. For many, the convenience of visiting a local business is a major motivator. And 63 percent of people surveyed by Cox make a conscious choice to support local businesses.

Creating jobs, one by one

As small businesses grow, they create jobs; America’s 28 million small businesses generate 66 percent of net new jobs.

Building a business is about more than making a profit and creating jobs. Ninety-one percent of small business owners give back to their communities to the tune of $40 billion nationwide! The average business gives $6,600 — in donations, contributions and volunteer work — annually.

Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Shoppers also support local businesses on a popular holiday, Small Business Saturday, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. In 2015, shoppers spent more than $16 billion at local, small businesses. Learn how to prepare for Small Business Saturday, and grab a piece of that pie!

If you’re not sure how to leverage the power of small business in your community, talk with a SCORE mentor.

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Bridget Weston

Bridget Weston is the Acting CEO of the SCORE Association, where she provides executive leadership and works directly and collaboratively with the Board of Directors to establish the vision and direction of SCORE.

How Many Americans Shop at Small Businesses?