Amazon 101-Assessment, Implementation and Store Management May 20, 2020
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Online sales have been growing by triple-digits since social distancing went into effect.

It's far from just toilet paper: Everything from high-end coffee makers, fitness equipment and pajama pants are seeing a surge in demand.
• The next few months will see many consumers trying online ordering for their first time.
• The opportunity to win lifelong loyalty is huge.
• The brands who act swiftly now to get their organizations e-commerce prepared and acting will emerge stronger from the crisis.
• In this workshop we will discuss the basics as it relates to if and how to setup your own Amazon Store
The topics covered include:
• How critical is it to have multiple e-commerce channels and why is Amazon one of the keys.
• Assessment - Can your product compete and can you make a profit?
• Implementation - What are the basic steps to setup an Amazon Store?
• Management - What goes into keeping the Store competitive?

Presented by John Richardson - Proven Senior Level Manager with over 14 years of experience delivering web-based e-commerce solutions as Product Manager, COO, Manager of e-Business, Applications Development Manager, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Consultant.Experience across wide variety of business sectors including Software, Web Development and Hosting, Financial, Healthcare, Energy, Telecom Services and Distribution. Driven to deliver value-added benefits in challenging technology and business environments impacting bottom-line results.Specializes in setting up and managing Amazon Stores for small businesses.

Photo of man using a cellphone with graphics that suggest using ecommerce