Amazon-The Best Test Market Around! March 19, 2021
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"You don't know if you have a real product until someone you don't know buys it!"

 In this workshop we will discuss using Amazon as an effective/efficient channel to test market your product.

 The topics covered include:

  • The importance of assessing all aspects of your Brand (Product/Customer/Competition)
  • What are your electronic channel options for test marketing your product?
  • How to use Amazon to test market your product

After completing this workshop, participants will better understand how to assess if the Amazon channel makes sense for them to consider for their business.


Presented by John Richardson, who specializes in setting up and managing Amazon Stores for small businesses. John is driven to deliver value-added benefits in a challenging technology. He has proven himself as a Senior Level Manager with over 14 years of experience delivering web-based e-commerce solutions. John has been a Product Manager, COO, Manager of e-Business, Applications Development Manager, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Consultant.