Free Webinar - Amazon (Increasing Your Sales): Marketing and Ad Campaigns January 13, 2021
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As of mid-2020, Amazon controlled nearly 40% of American e-commerce, and data from 2018 suggests that it may control as much as 94% in certain categories, like cosmetics and batteries.

When you start off selling on Amazon, you have to advertise to generate "sales velocity". As your product listing matures, you still have to advertise, but at a lower percentage of sales to maintain your momentum. 


In this webinar we will discuss the basics as it relates to how to setup your own Amazon Marketing and Ad Campaigns


The topics covered include:

  • Product Page - Marketing Options
  • Marketing Programs
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Key Metrics

Presented by John Richardson, who specializes in setting up and managing Amazon Stores for small businesses. John is driven to deliver value-added benefits in a challenging technology. He has proven himself as a Senior Level Manager with over 14 years of experience delivering web-based e-commerce solutions. John has been a Product Manager, COO, Manager of e-Business, Applications Development Manager, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Consultant.