An Introduction to Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks February 5, 2021
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Patents and licensing have recently become an integral part of most businesses.  Businesses relating to technology, software, design, franchising, commercial products, music and a myriad of other companies depend on patents, copyrights and trademarks for their existence.


This Webinar will explore the fundamentals of intellectual property (IP); how to obtain a patent, copyright or trademark and how to use them.  It will also discuss when should you keep certain information as a Trade Secret.  It will provide you an understanding of the terminology, the available resources, costs, timing and rules of thumb necessary for optimizing the value of your IP.  Technical, legal, financial and practical issues will be explored from a business perspective. Both US and International filings will be discussed.


This Webinar will also present an overview of the field so that you are able to develop an understanding of intellectual property fundamentals and integrate the important elements into your business plan.  It will also provide you with references to external resources that you will find helpful, if you require additional details.

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