Multiply Your Business Income With the “Launch Pyramid” June 21, 2020
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Did you ever wonder why some people seem to make money hand-over-fist while everyone else is struggling?
If yes, this is a "Must Attend" for business owners, no matter what size or type of business you have.
Join us for this info-packed FREE Online workshop that will give you the answers you need!
Regardless of the size and type of business you have, this might be one of the most important 1-hour online webinars you'll watch all year. In it, our resident business expert, James I. Bond, will share the 5 tactics businesses are using RIGHT NOW that are helping them accelerate the speed they are able to bring on new customers and clients for their business.
Subjects to be addressed include:
•    COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: The mistake most business make RIGHT FROM THE START, that make it harder to win clients than it needs to be;
•    CONVERSION FORMULA: The Buyer's Journey and the Buyer's "Voice-in-their-Head"... how understanding these two simple strategies can radically improve the conversion results of your website, marketing materials, even your talks, trade show events, and more;
•    TRAFFIC GENERATION: Includes a Traffic Generation Worksheet with dozens of conventional and guerrilla marketing strategies - often at little or no cost - to generate the right traffic to your website and your phone;
•    DRIP CAMPAIGN: For all the time, effort and money you spend bringing prospects to your website, why are you letting so many of them escape? What happens to everyone who doesn't buy? Establishing a contact program combined with a re targeting campaign could MULTIPLY your revenues, with simple automated processes;
•    VENDOR CHAIN: Here's a simple way to not just MULTIPLY your income, but to create a steady stream of new clients, often at absolutely NO cost to you. It's easier than most people realize. You'll learn all this and more at this info-packed webinar;
•    And more!

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