Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks - How To Make Money From Your Good Ideas June 6, 2020
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This webinar will cover:
• Fundamentals of intellectual property
• How to obtain a patent, copyright or trademark & how to use them
• How to license these ideas to or from other companies
• Provide understanding of the terminology, the available resources, costs, timing and rules of thumb necessary for licensing
• Technical, legal, financial and practical issues
• Provide a business perspective for estimating patent costs, values and royalty rates
• Both US and International licensing issues will be explored.
Webinar will provide an overview of the field so that you are able to develop an understanding of intellectual property fundamentals, and integrate the important elements into your business plan. It will also provide references to external resources that you will find helpful.

Presented By: Dr. Ted Izen has executive and general management experience in a number of high technology industries. He retired from full time employment, but continues as a consultant to a number of Fortune 500 and smaller companies in matters relating to licensing, intellectual property management, and strategic planning. He served as the President of the licensing division of Rockwell International; Vice President of Business Development for a $1B division of Lockheed Martin Corporation; Executive VP of Teledyne Systems Company, and the Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development for Loral Electro-Optical Systems Company. He has extensive experience in international business development and strategic partnering. Ted has assisted individuals and small companies in developing an integrated business plan and in matters related to acquiring, licensing or monetizing their intellectual property. Dr. Izen received an undergraduate degree in Physics and Math from the University of British Columbia, and a masters and doctorate degree in Physics from the University of Oregon.

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