How SCORE helped. 

I started my career 6 years ago as a freelance graphic designer, and since then I have had the honor of serving over 60 clients from fashion to real estate to food and beverage and more.

I was struggling with time management and with growing my clientele, so seeking a business mentor was on my to-do list. Luckily, a client happened to share SCORE with me and that was a game-changer!

I was matched with a mentor, Danielle, who was able to take what I was already doing and upgrade it. We went from my being a freelance graphic designer to starting a full-on agency named Yumari Digital! My SCORE mentor also helped me narrow down my crazy-long offering into a digestible list of services including websites, email campaigns, advertising, and social media.

I did have to process heavy feelings during the transition — starting your own business is not for the faint of heart! Danielle was able to convert my fear into confidence so I could push forward, and I now wake up every morning excited about what I get to do next for Yumari.

I am thankful for SCORE's assistance, and I cannot wait for where Yumari Digital goes next!

What's great about my mentor? 

My SCORE mentor, Danielle, has helped me simplify my work by focusing on my strengths and delegating my weaknesses. She also pushes me to take action with pragmatic and holistic advice using a bird's eye view of what really matters to me. It is because of Danielle's support and guidance that I felt confident enough to take the leap from freelancer to founding my marketing agency, Yumari Digital!

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